Hire Professional Plumbers for Gas Safety Inspections and Certificates

A landlord is required by law to provide safety certificate for the gas appliance used by tenants as the U.K. has regulations regarding installation of gas appliances. Plumbing services provide experts that can conduct the necessary inspections to guarantee that everything is working as it should. If some tenants have had new installations, you must be sure that they adhere to the rules. Here is what you can exact when you hire professionals for gas safety inspections and certificates.

Checking the Ventilation

An expert plumber will look at the ventilation systems and guarantee that they are working properly. Clogged or worn out ventilation systems can interfere with the functioning of gas appliances, while inefficient ventilations will lead to high energy bills. Vents should also be in good condition to transfer gases out of a home. If there is a need to install a new ventilation system, then the professional will recommend it.


Manufacturers also provide instructions on the maintenance and servicing of flues and other systems. A landlord must ensure that appliances and their corresponding systems receive the proper maintenance. If a tenant has had any work done on appliances, inspections will tell if it is up to standard.

Safety Checks

After every 12 months, a landlord must ensure that they get a gas safety certificate. As the owner, you can arrange for the checks or have tenants do it. Whatever the arrangement, a professional must guarantee that it is safe to continue using these gas appliances. Beside the regular inspections, a landlord must provide certificates before new tenants move in. Experts also provide inspection of safety devices. Keeping up with compliances can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of tenants to deal with.

Landlords are held responsible for the safety of tenants occupying their properties. Gas safety inspections and certificates are some of the ways to meet that duty. Hire a company that provides well-trained professionals that are versed in the latest regulations for landlord and tenants.


Importance Of Gas Safety Certificate For A Landlord

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