Call a Plumber? Three Warning Signs That Tell You “Yes”

Plumbing is a highly important component of any home. It wouldn’t be wise to wait for a major breakdown to happen before you grab your phone and dial a plumber. If you begin to notice any of the following signs, call a plumber immediately to save yourself from costly water damage:

Age of the House

House Logic advises to regularly check for any exposed pipes if the house is around 60 years old or more. In such cases, piping materials may be obsolete, which is reason enough to have them replaced. Additionally, old pipes often suffer from leaks and other issues that may warrant a replacement.

Visible Signs You Should Call A Plumber

When taking a look at exposed pipes, some important signs to look for are discoloration, dimpling, stains, flaking, or pimples. All of these signs indicate pipes succumbing to corrosion. Areas surrounding the pipes should also be checked for water stains as even the smallest ones indicate leaks.

Homeowners should also pay attention to the colour of water when filling up containers, especially after the water has been sitting inside the pipes for a while, like after a vacation. If the water is brown or yellowish, it’s an indication of interior rust and that means the inside of the pipes degrading.

Peculiar Noises

Worn pipes may also produce odd noises. Some examples are squeaking, rattling, whistling, and shrieking. When these sounds accompany water flow, they may indicate pipe damage. If the sounds manifest when the flow of water is suddenly cut off, this may be a case of water hammer, an issue that may lead to burst pipes.

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In Summary

Don’t lull yourself into believing that you’ll never want a plumber. These scenarios are best left to professionals in addition to relying on your own local plumber for the occasional crises. Your grandma may have warmed bath water on the stove, but individuals don’t do it that way now. Call a plumber for this one — she or he probably has plenty of experience and can let you know if the problem can be fixed or if you will need a brand new heater.

If the heater must be replaced, the new one can be carried by your plumber to the cellar, hook it up, make sure it functions correctly, and dispose of the old one.

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