Why Would a Plumber Recommend Installing a TRV Unit at Your Home?

Otherwise known by the acronym TRV, a thermal regulation valve is a device that was used throughout the 1970s and 1980s as a means of controlling temperature variations throughout a number of different zones. These units are commonly found within apartment complexes and commercial structures which possess a single boiler and yet still require adequate thermal regulation within different rooms. While considered to be slightly outdated, they are still frequently serviced by the modern plumber. Here are some of the issues around installing a TRV unit.

TRV Unit

A thermo regulating valve, TRV

Benefits of Installing a TRV Unit

How Does a TRV Valve Function?

It should be pointed out that a TRV mechanism does NOT control the operation of the boiler itself. Instead, it regulates the flow of water to a heating unit such as a radiator. Each valve may therefore be set at a specific temperature. This can be an efficient means of saving money.

A TRV Versus a Thermostat: The Differences

It is not uncommon for a plumber to install a TRV in conjunction with a thermostat. This arises from the fact that a thermostat will be able to turn the boiler on or off (as opposed to a thermal regulation valve). However, experts recommend that the thermostat and the valve should not be present within the same room. They would otherwise “fight” each other in terms of temperature settings.

Although not commonly used in homes, thermal regulation valves can be employed within commercial buildings or apartments. A qualified plumber will be able to know if this is a good option or if a more modern unit should be chosen. In older premises, it may very well make more sense to opt for computerised controls.

Properly maintaining TRV systems is an important consideration and much like other tasks within this industry, only the most professional and knowledgeable plumber should be selected.

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