Professional Plumber Tips: Considerations for Installing a Vanity Sink

When your vanity sink is too old or if you need a new one, a plumber that provides bathroom installation services  is an excellent solution. Below are some professional plumber tips you can benefit from before making the call.

Replacing a vanity sink nowadays doesn’t require extensive work because supply lines and drain systems are tucked away behind the vanity. A plumbing contractor only has to attach the replacement sink with the existing plumbing. You have to decide whether you just need the top replaced or the whole vanity. When replacing the top of a vanity sink alone, consider if it’s custom or not. If it’s a custom sink, then it will need specific plumbing.

Professional Plumbing Tips

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Top Professional Plumber Tips

Replace Piping or Not

It is vital for a plumber to evaluate the pipes to see if there is a need for replacement. For a bathroom that has older pipes, it would be more practical to get new pipes with the sink replacement. It saves you the hassle of plumbing problems later on. Another consideration that a plumbing expert will have to make is whether the vanity has a back or not. This factor will determine the drilling of the drain lines when installing a new vanity sink.

Choice of Sink

A plumbing contractor can help you decide the type of vanity sink that is most suitable for your bathroom. For example, if you have done renovations and had more space in the bathroom, then a double sink vanity may be possible. Of course, the plumbing needs will be large when installing this type of vanity sink. For smaller spaces, a plumber may choose to install a corner vanity. In such an instance, your contractor can recommend a customised sink for efficiency.

Surface mount and self-rimming sinks are the most popular choices for vanities. When installing a vanity sink, a plumber will have to look at the countertop, cleaning capabilities and material of the vanity. The mounting technique of a vanity sink will also impact its usage. Vanity sinks present certain plumbing challenges and that is why hiring a professional is a viable option.

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