Reasons to Hire a Plumber to Replace Your Cold Water Storage Cistern

Cold water storage tanks pose a very high risk of Legionella growth in the water system. Temperature gain, contamination and stagnation are major contributors. Although microbiological sampling and tank inspection are vital, there are times the cistern will need a replacement. Bear in mind that over time, storage reservoirs corrode. Some consumers choose to patch their cisterns with epoxy resin to lengthen their lives. If you have any of these tanks, consider replacing them soon. Here are some more reasons to hire a plumber to help.

Reasons to hire a plumber in hampstead North London NW3

Reasons to hire a plumber in Hampstead

More Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Help

If erosion raptures a tank; it exposes you and others to health risks. Storage tank capacities range from 25 to 55 gallons. If you are replacing your tank, your supplier will need to know the size of your existing cistern.

The inlets and outlets of cold water storage cisterns lie on the same side. If both of them are closely positioned together, cross flow is denied. This situation leads to the creation and formation of pockets of stagnation. The consequence is usually the spread of bacteria, and if the water is consumed; it automatically endangers your health. If the tank is beyond remedy, replacing it is an excellent decision.

The absence of a screened air vent in your cistern is a red flag. Your cold water storage cistern must have an air vent that should allow CWST to breathe with each rise and fall of the water level. Screening should be done regularly to make sure that there is no insect/vermin ingress. Ensure to ask your supplier to provide a screened air vent with apertures for your plumber to install.

Look out for structures that create crevice on the base. Tanks with a crevice not only promote the build-up of debris but bacterial growth too. Any condition that promotes bacterial growth and contamination should lead you to replace your cistern immediately.

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