Straight from Your Plumber: The Four Essential Tools of the Trade

Although plumbing tasks can be quite specific, there are a number of very common tools which a plumber will always have close by. What are four primary accessories and why are they important?

Channel Locks

Channel locks are the modern alternative to what was once known as a “monkey wrench”. Channel locks are made of hardened steel and have a tongue-and-groove layout on their gripping ends. As the name suggests, these pliers will lock into place, accommodating the diameters of various pipes.

Socket Sets

Removing taps and shower heads and servicing parts of a toilet will normally require a socket set. These sockets are used in conjunction with a specially designed wrench (known as a socket wrench). Many models can fit into tight spaces and are quite handy around the bathroom or kitchen.

A Pipe Snake

A pipe snake has been called the “best friend” of the modern plumber. This is a telescopic device which is used to free up clogs or other obstructions within a pipe through mechanical action. Some snakes will even be equipped with a fibre optic camera to uncover any faults within a system.

PVC Cement

Plumbers will use a special type of cement to bond pipes together. This is commonly referred to as PVC cement, although it is different from the type found within modelling kits. The intention of this cement is to bond two joints together through the chemical action of melting. It is smeared onto the male and female ends of pipes. Once the two sections are coupled and the glue dries, a powerful bond is created.

These are four common and useful tools that any professional plumber possesses. Thanks to modern technology, even the most challenging of tasks can be handled in no time at all when a plumber has these tools on hand.


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