Why Plumbers Need Licenses and How You Can Verify their Credentials

A plumber is someone you should be able to trust when they enter your home and install your new boiler, but how do you know whether the person you’re calling out is licensed, and why does it make a difference? So what’s the reason why plumbers need licenses?

Why Plumbers Need to be Licensed

  • Licensed plumbers can prove that they have the knowledge and sufficient training to safely install your boiler. This is due to the high level of qualifications and aptitude required to become an accredited plumber.
  • If anything goes wrong, a licensed worker will be accountable for any breach of the regulations according to their license.
  • Suitably trained plumbers will know the best ways to install boilers in order to offer you a high quality, efficient service and heating solution.
  • A licensed professional is searchable and traceable, giving you peace of mind that you’re calling on the help of a trusted heating specialist.
  • Technologies change all the time, so being a licensed professional is the best way to keep up with the latest developments.

How to Check if Your Plumber is Licensed

In the UK, you can check if a business is registered on the Gas Safe Register website. This provides a convenient panel to enter the details of a particular company. You should see their contact details and other specifications about the business you’re searching for if they are registered, as well as information about any engineers attached to that company.

Each engineer will have provided their picture, contact details and type of gas they are qualified to work with. If they don’t show up on the website search function, be sure to let the authorities know about it while providing as many details as possible. So that’s the reason why plumbers need licenses.

Licenced Plumber In Muswell Hill

A licenced plumbing job in Muswell Hill, North London

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